If you were lucky enough to receive some gorgeous roses from a florist this Valentines Day, then you should know that there was a lot of love, care and skill put into creating the bouquet you received. The florist were most likely working early mornings and late nights to get each of your order created perfectly, just like our fabulous little team!
Long before they made it to our shop, the roses were grown by the amazing growers – we used roses from the fabulous Porta Nova growers, and we know first hand how fabulous they are! They were then passed to our amazing Dutch wholesalers, who cared for them and packed them for their journey to us. We then stripped every stem of leaves and thorns, before cutting them and popping them into water and flower food. They’ve been drinking for 24 hours before being hand delivered to you. 
We decided this year to aqua pack our roses, this simply means we’ve delivered them in a bubble of water, so that they spend no time at all out of water. They can’t really be left in their water bubble forever though, so we’ve created this handy little care guide! 

Step 1

After a couple of days in the water bubble, your flowers will need to be taken out, so remove them from the box, hold the flowers over a sink, and snip the bubble. Drain out the water and then completely remove all of the packaging, leaving on the tie holding them together.

Step 2

Fill a clean vase with water and add the flower food. 

Step 3 

Snip a small amount off of the bottom of your flowers at a 45 degree angle. This will give the flowers a larger surface area to drink through – there’s logic behind all we do! 

Step 4 

Pop flowers into your flower food filled vase and enjoy!

Remember to change the water in your vase every two – three days to ensure that bacteria has no chance to build up, and your flowers have the best chance to last as long as possible! 


… and don’t forget to say well done (and thank you, of course!) to the lovely person that bought you these gorgeous flowers. They  not only avoided the horrific supermarket flowers on offer for £2.50, and bought you an amazing bouquet of select flowers, they also managed to support a local business and make some florists very happy in the process! 
Hannah x