We book up with weddings super quickly, 2018 is nearly full, with a few select weekends left, and we have already started booking for 2019! Crazy right?
We get a lot of requests for quotes via Facebook Message and email, and whilst we’re happy to send you our price list, we are no longer giving individual quotes via email or message. Your wedding is as important to us as it is to you, and so we want to spend a little time chatting about your big day and all your floral needs in person, before we give a quote.
If you would like to chat to us about your wedding flowers with a view to booking our award winning services, here’s what you need to do…
Step 1 – Get in touch 
Drop us an email or give us a call – we can let you know if we have your wedding date available and arrange an appointment.
Step 2 – Get prepared! 
We ask a lot of questions!! Not because we’re nosey, but just because we want to get it right.
Before your appointment, it would be really helpful if you could put together photos and ideas of things you love. We’d like to see a pic of the dress, the bridesmaids dresses and the colour of them. We’d also like to see the ideas that you really love – the bouquets you have seen, the table decorations you love, the buttonholes – everything!! If it’s easier to put this all on a pinterest board, then that is fine by us, or you can print it out for us (as long as its in colour!).
Lastly, think sensibly about your flower budget. We are happy to work within your budget if we can, but it helps if you let us know what that is!
Step 3 – The Appointment 
Come along and meet us. It’s a relaxed meeting, we ask a lot because we want to give you the most detailed quote and get the best possible idea of how you want your wedding to look. Flowers are the finishing touch – imagine a wedding without any?? So we want to get it right.
We’ll go through all the details, the number of bridesmaids, buttonholes, tables etc. but this isn’t set in stone, and can be changed up to two weeks before the wedding! In fact nothing is set in stone (apart from the prices we give you!), you are free to change any of the details any time you like.
Step 4 – The Quote
Within five days of your appointment we will aim to email you a quote.
If you have any questions, just let us know and we’ll come back to you. The quote is non binding.
If you are happy with the ideas, designs and prices, let us know and we will send you a booking form. You will also be required to pay a £100 deposit to secure your wedding date. Until you pay your deposit, your date is not secured.

Step 5 – The Planning
Between the time you have booked and your wedding date, things are bound to change, and we do want to hear about it! If it’s just to add a buttonhole or an extra table, we can probably do that over the phone or by email. If it’s a big change – like you’ve changed the colour scheme from pink to orange! We will want to see you!
Step 6 – The Final Meeting 
We’d like to see you for a final meeting around eight weeks before the wedding. We just want to check in with you that everything is as we have on the order, and we also want to confirm with you details for the wedding day – where will you need your flowers delivered and by what time?
We also would like the details of anyone we need to work with – cake lady for example – so that we can liaise with them.
Step 7 – Payment 
You will receive a final order and invoice from us after our final meeting. This needs to be checked and paid within 30 days of the wedding.
If you need to add anything after you’ve paid, that’s absolutely fine, but you’ll need to pay for it as you go.
Step 8 – The BIG Day! 
When your Big Day finally arrives, we don’t want you to worry about a thing. We will arrive approx 3 hours before your ceremony (more if necessary), to deliver your flower and set up any other decorations.
We shouldn’t need to disturb you, we’ll just quietly set up and then disappear in a flowery haze and leave you and your guests to enjoy our decorations!
We want your wedding flowers to be perfect, and then process of ordering them as easy as possible. If we sound like the company for you, then drop us a message – quickly though, those dates are disappearing 😉
Speak soon
Hannah x