…no really, why?
Before I continue with this little blog, I want to make it clear that I am not criticising anyone! Everything has a place in this world and it is not for me to berate or condemn anyones choices! These are purely the ramblings of a flower loving florist.
I just would love to know the reason for choosing silk flowers over fresh, because I really don’t understand it …!
I believe peoples first thought is cost. When it comes to choosing silk flowers, people have a thought that silk will be cheaper – but is this really true? Unless your ultimate dream is to walk down the aisle carrying a bunch of foam roses, I think you may need to think again. A high quality stem of silk flowers can be twice (or more) the price of a fresh stem. Which leads me to the question of hiring your wedding flowers.
Over my years as a florist, I have heard many times that flowers ‘don’t last’, and I bite my tongue.
If you have chosen the best of silk flowers for you and your Bridesmaids, you will have either paid an extortionate price to buy them, or you will be hiring them for the day. I’m sorry to say, if you are hiring, this means ‘they won’t last’ – you have to give them back!
Brides who buy silk often say that they would like Bridesmaids to be able to keep the bouquet after the day – can you honestly say that their bouquet has been on display when you’ve visited them since your wedding? Thought not!
Yes, fresh flowers are more delicate than silk, but unless your planning on using them as some form of weapon, it is very unlikely that they will not still look beautiful at the end of the day.
I cannot deny that silk flowers these days are often mistaken as fresh, their quality is often second to none. You can have any flower in any season. You can have any flower in any colour. But are they truly better than fresh? Is there a perfume? Are they as delicate as that stunning rose bud in your bouquet? Does the scent fill your reception room like fresh flowers do? Have you chosen the same fresh flower to carry as your Mum or Grandma had on their wedding day – would they have even considered carrying silk?
Flowers are often considered the final piece of your wedding day decoration puzzle. They are what guests see before they even see you. They are the impact in a room. They are the finishing touch.
To me silk flowers have no place at a wedding (I am a little bias), but everyone has preferences, and I do understand that. I would just ask you to truly consider the reason for choosing silk flowers over fresh on your wedding day, before making your final decision.
H x