Now that we have got over (just about!) the fabulous day that was Valentines, it’s time to start looking forward to the next big event in our florist calendar, Mother’s Day. This year it falls on Sunday 31st March, just six weeks to go! 
Valentines and Christmas is crazy, but for us, Mother’s Day is THE one that means a week of hardly any sleep and hundreds of beautiful bouquets leaving our studio – we love it! 💞

But, why and where did Mother’s Day start?
Did you know that the UK celebrate their Mother’s Day on a different date to the rest of the world? That’s because originally, UK’s Mother’s Day was called Mothering Sunday – and had nothing to do with our  mothers at all! 
It all stemmed from the 16th century, where Christians would visit their “mother” church. 
It has now increasingly been called Mother’s Day – and is associated with honouring mums and giving them presents. 
In 1914, the US launched a separate event, devoted entirely to honouring their mothers. They were closely followed by other countries around the world, including Finland, Greece, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, Denmark, China and Cyprus. These countries generally celebrate their Mum’s May. 
Somthere you have it! You learn something new every day!
We’ll be adding our Mother’s Day collection over the next few weeks, which will include a gorgeous selection of hand tied bouquets, arrangements and more, and we’ll be delivering across the Mother’s Day weekend to lots of lovely Mother’s across Plymouth. 
We’ve also got two fabulous Mother’s Day workshop dates for you to book onto. These are always super popular, and this year they are on Saturday 23rd March and Thursday 28th March, you can book those with us online. These are wonderful fun and include a lovely afternoon tea! 
The shop is always full of wonderful flowers, and Mother’s Day is no exception, in fact, its jam packed full! So it’s the perfect time to visit and pick up a little bunch for your Mum/Wife/Granny. 
Look forward to seeing some of you soon! 
Hannah x