Considering January feels like it’s had 394 days, it’s amazing how quickly Valentine’s Day has come around again! 
There’s just two weeks to go until one of the more romantic days of the year, and there’s still plenty of time to order gorgeous flowers for your favourite person. 
We’ve added heaps of gorgeous bouquets to our web shop for you to browse, but, if you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy, then just give us a call…
..if the fabulous display of bouquets isn’t enough to draw you in, the quality of our gorgeous roses should be! Our Dutch suppliers buy from the highest quality rose growers, Porta Nova.
We’ve ordered the most beautiful 70cm Red Naomi roses, from the Porta Nova nursery that we recently visited – so we know how amazing they are first hand!
Although there will be a million and one supermarkets offering a dozen roses for £2.50 or something ridiculous! Nothing will beat your local florist for the ultimate Valentines gift. 
So if there is a special someone in your life this Valentines, who deserves more than an Asda bunch of flowers, pop down to your local florist, or if you’re in Plymouth, come and see us of course! ❤️