2017 is set to become our busiest yet with nearly every week booked with a wedding or two!
We are so proud of how our fabulous business has blossomed (pun intended!) in the last two years, and we are super excited for all of the gorgeous weddings we have coming up!
As part of a new blog feature, we will be chatting to our Brides asking how their plans are going and if they have any tips for others just setting out on their wedding planing journey!
We caught up with one of our lovely 2017 Brides, Becca, to find out all about Trev’s Christmas morning proposal – with a little help from a four-legged friend!, how the wedding plans are going and any tips she has for Brides who are just starting their big day plans!
Congratulations on your engagement! Can you tell us a bit about your engagement?  When and where did Trev pop the question?
Aww thank you! It was Christmas Day 2015.  I had dropped a couple of hints the week before Christmas about getting engaged but never in a million years did I think it would happen, Trev is so laid back.  Christmas morning involved our matching onesies and lots of presents.  Trev is normally very good at choosing presents, although this year the gifts were very practical – a new blender, kettle, fabric etc (oh and a designer handbag which I had already chosen, lucky girl!).  Trev opened his presents too.  Admittedly his main present was a set of top notch ratchet spanners so I guess we were pretty even there! He then said he was going to the loo, and as usual our puppy has to join you on such adventures to the bathroom! Thinking nothing of it, they both returned to the lounge and Busby had a box tied around his neck.  I was kneeling down to get a picture and Trev was standing up, the wrong way round! I was a bit hesitant at getting too excited in case it was a pair of earring (which would have been lovely but I would have looked a bit stupid)! But after some persuasion to open the box, I discovered the most beautiful sparkly ring.  I looked up at Trev and said “are you serious?” and he just nodded.  Then the tears started flowing!  I will never forget that feeling, Christmas will always hold extra special memories now.  I am so happy to become Mrs Miller and spend the rest of my life with the man I love.  
Have you booked your wedding yet?  How did you decide on the date and time?
Yes, eventually after much searching and deliberating! As one of the last in my friendship group to get married, I was adamant that I didn’t want our celebrations at venues already chosen by our friends.  That limited the choice quite considerably.  We were also mindful of our guests travelling too far and we agreed that we didn’t want to go more than half an hour from home.  After viewing around 10 places, we finally found Shilstone and fell in love! We are getting married next July on my nieces 6th birthday!
How have you found your first few months of planning?  Is there anything you have struggled with?  What have you enjoyed most so far?
I’ve loved it!! Gathering ideas, going mad on pinterest and slowly refining in my head what I’d like that doesn’t completely blow the budget! Trev is leaving me to plan and arrange it all, he’s quite happy to be told what time to arrive and he’ll be there!  I’m hoping to make a few bits and pieces to add that personal touch, so my spare room is starting to look like a craft shop full of glitter! My bridesmaids have been incredibly supportive as well, keeping me grounded and giving me their honest opinions.  No struggles as such, just a worry that I won’t be able to pull it off and that I will forget something pretty fundamental.
Are there any tips you could give to couples just starting with their wedding planning?
Get a book and write things down as you think of them! My bridesmaids think it’s funny I carry my scribble book everywhere with me, but if I think of something I can note it down for later! It also helps me limit impulse purchases so I can review things, research other supplier’s costs etc and be sure I’m getting what I want for a fair price. I also have a scrap book of things I’ve seen in magazines or collected at wedding fairs that I like.  It became clear quite early on that I had a theme without really knowing it and this has really helped focus my mind, as it’s easy to get carried away!  I also think this will be a lovely memento to look back on in a few years to see what was in fashion, something to show the grandkids! Enjoy the planning, I don’t find it a chore at all.  I don’t know what I did with my evenings before getting engaged!
We will be catching up with Becca more over the few months to see how she is doing as her big day gets closer!
H x