Aaah, Amsterdam! Every time I visit, it’s never long enough!!
Becky & I took the opportunity of a no wedding weekend to escape to The Netherlands, and once again, I loved it! and better still, Becky is converted!

Florient Lily in test

Our wonderful adventure took us this time to different growers, and the amazing Keukenhof Gardens.

Starting with VIP Roses, Lathyrus sweet peas and FlorientLily our Saturday morning was a mass of colours & scents like you could never imagine. Although I have visited growers before, the technicalities that go into the growing of these amazing stems never ceases to amaze me.

The way that the soil is cleaned to be reused, the water treatment systems and the filters on the greenhouse to equally refract the light across the plants, are just above and beyond.

VIP Roses growing 

The afternoon was spent wandering around the absolutely amazing Keunkenhof Gardens. If you’ve never been, and you get the opportunity, please do it!! This place is just jaw dropping. Rows upon rows of brightly coloured spring flowers. I was so pleased, because I thought that the tulips would nearly be finished being nearer to the end of the season, but I couldn’t be more wrong! Look at these beauts….!!

Keukenhof Gardens 

We couldn’t have been more blessed with the sunshine.. I may even have a little tan!

This adventure was just what we needed, to get our inspiration on! Stunning flowers, combined with a fabulous boat trip, lots of wine, good food and a lovely friend. Take us back soon! x